Engineering Practice Hurdle

Engineering Practice Hurdle - Specification

The engineering practice hurdle is the submission of an ePortfolio demonstrating your capabilities in the for internal assessment within the School of Engineering. The submission process will be through the "Engineering Practice Hurdle" program community. The primary goal of these applications is to demonstrate that you have achieved good levels of competency in skills required by practicing engineers with a focus on those that are not technical by nature such as communications and team work.

The secondary goal of these applications is to give assistance to graduate students in creating job applications.

Who needs to do the Engineering Practice Hurdle?

Bachelor of Engineering Students

If you are a new generation Bachelor of Engineering student you must complete the engineering practice hurdle.

Master of Engineering Students

You will need to complete the engineering practice hurdle before you can graduate.

Students completing other degrees.

You do not need to complete this hurdle, but make use of the community and it's resources.

Available Resources

Your primary resource for information about the Engineering Practice Hurdle is the dedicated community on the LMS.

Specific to the engineering practice hurdle, this community contains:

To enrol in the STEP community please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the LMS.
  2. Click on the "communities" tab.
  3. Search for "employment".
  4. Click on the arrow icon next to the community code "com_00631".(Hold the mouse over community code to reveal the icon).
  5. Click on "enrol"
  6. Click "submit".
  7. Click "ok".